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Orixe makes ESG and CSR easier

The Orixe platform is built to make sure that you have everything you need in one place in order to have effective ESG and CSR processes. Professionals working with ESG and sustainability will have access to all the tools and data they need to ensure that your company effectively maintains demands from customers and is compliant with legislation, so that you can focus your time and resources on becoming a frontrunner within sustainability.

A platform for due diligence

Performing due diligence assessments of risks connected to social and environmental issues in the supply chain has quickly become central when working with sustainability. Supply chain transparency acts in countries such as Norway, Germany, France, and the Netherlands, and upcoming EU directives, all demand that companies conduct these sort of assessments. Orixe Due Diligence is modelled upon the OECD guidelines for due diligence processes, to make sure that you are provided with the essential tools you need to effectively conduct due diligence. Those responsible for ESG or CSR will gain access to functionality which helps you with identifying sustainability risks and prioritising between them, and tools which help you implement and follow-up on solutions and mitigating actions.

Measure your ESG-maturity

Orixe Sustainability allows you to score how well you maintain UNs Global Compact Principles and Sustainable Development Goals. The score is measured across four main areas: Human Rights, Labour Rights, Environment, and Anti-Corruption. This gives you strong indicators about which areas you are doing well in, and where there is room for improvement. You can also view the score of your suppliers, and an average total for their supply chain, in order to identify where you might need to take external measures.

An annual process for sustainability

The workflow for employees working with ESG and CSR with the Orixe platform is modelled on an annual reporting process, which aligns with the demands of various supply chain transparency acts, general recommendations on sustainability reporting, and the recommendations of the OECD. The Orixe Due Diligence module assists you throughout each step to ensure a complete reporting process. You will also have access to guidance and recommendations on how to complete each step. The steps of the annual process covers updating company policies, identifying risks, follow-up and mitigation, and reporting the results.


Updating of the company policies, such as Code of Conduct. Responsible business conduct should be part of the company's guidelines, management systems, processes, and routines. The policies for this should be communicated clearly both internally and externally, and they should be anchored in the company at the management level. On the Orixe platform you can easily upload policy documents, in order to gain a better overview over when they where last updated, and which processes and areas you have defined policies for. With Orixe Audit you can easily share your Supplier Code of Conduct with suppliers, and our Flow Down functionality even allows it to be shared to sub-suppliers.


Map sustainability related risks in the supply chain. Orixe Due Diligence gives you a complete overview of suppliers ESG-maturity based on the UN Global Compact, and Sustainable Development Goals. The tool shows you your supplier's total maturity score when it comes to upholding these principles as an intuitive list. The list includes indicators of the total risk level connected to the specific suppliers, and you can easily filter this for specific areas such as labour rights, environment, and so on. The platform also shows you a risk overview as a map, where supplier's risks are weighted for geographical data and indexes, such as corruption and forced labour.


Make your own assessments and prioritisations on which risks you want to focus on in the annual report. What are the most serious or critical risks? Which risks could the company make the greatest impact on? To help you with these questions, the Orixe platform includes a digital risk matrix where you can gain an intuitive overview of risks, their consequences and plausibility. This makes it easier for employees working with ESG to make prioritisations. Together with this graphic overview you can easily add descriptive information as comments, risk type, and employees responsible for it, which makes it easier to communicate across departments, and coordinate teams.

4. ACT

Assessment and execution of mitigating measures. Implementation of actions that reduce the identified and prioritised risks so far. Depending on the type of risk and severity, multiple mitigation methods might be possible. The Orixe platform allows you to create a digital action place, in order to coordinate the mitigating work, stay in control of what risks various measures are connected to, define responsibility and roles, and status of the mitigating actions. This makes it easy to coordinate across the business, and keep and overview of what actions are going to be taken, and what has been done.


Analyse the effects of the mitigating measures. How have the risks identified been effected after these have been taken? In order to summarise a new status, we've made it easy to document changes in the risk matrix. You can move the risk coordinates around to show the change in severity or probability. The risk matrix will show the original position of the risk, and the new one after mitigation, to give you an overview of the entire due diligence process. You can also register new risks if new things are noticed. Additionally, with Orixe Audit you can easily perform digital off-site audits to follow-up with suppliers and assess the effects and changes that the mitigating measures have led to.


Reporting on the process. The Orixe platform provides you with a smart feature for reporting on the results of the due diligence process, by allowing you to download a summary of the work you have done. You can choose which information to include, such as the risk matrix, overview of supplier risks, action plans, etc., and add comments, before downloading the summary as a PDF. This makes it easy to report on sustainability and ESG, processes, as you can simply upload the PDF to your website, share it internally, or attach it to your annual report.

Orixe provides you with an overview of all certificates

‍With Orixe Audit suppliers can easily attach their original certifications when they are to be approved. Digital copies are easier to verify than physical ones, and with Orixe Trace you can also attach electronic copies of Certificates of Compliance, other product certifications, or certifications of production methods. This ensures that you can at any time verify the routines and processes of your suppliers, and ensure that sustainability routines and systems such as ISO45001 or ISO26000 are upheld and verified.

Our users

You can always fake a piece of paper, but this blockchain technology makes sure that this is more difficult to fake. And its also more visible throughout the supply chain. It would be more difficult to fool us now than it was a while back.
- Julie, Quality assurance manager

Smart CO2-accounting

The Orixe platform also provides you with a simple CO2 calculator for Scope 1 and 2 emissions. We are working to expand this to a complete CO2-accounting tool covering the whole supply chain, which allows you to estimated, assess, and track, emissions in across Scopes 1, 2, and 3. Today, the calculator gives you an overview of your emissions, and what areas they are connected to. This helps you identify where you can take measure to become a greener business.
Always have an overview of supplier's certificates
Free for suppliers
Total overview of sustainability in your supply chain
Identify areas to focus on in your work with sustainability
Gain an insight into your supplier's ESG-profiles
Measure your CO2 emissions

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