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Traceability and accountability in your supply chain


How we can help you

Orixe offers several software modules that are designed to simplify and improve the systems and processes of supply chains. Our services are designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing business practices, reducing waste and inefficiency.


Our Sustainability and Audit modules provide effective tools for quality assurance managers, making quality control both more thorough and quicker. The Orixe software-modules ensures that you always have a complete overview, rapid risk identification processes, and effective methods for following-up with mitigating measures.

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With Orixe , warehousing teams save both time and resources on their processes. Our smart modules makes reception of goods quicker and more thorough, and ensures that all deliveries are verified and correct. By implementing Orixe Trace as part of your warehousing process you can reduce the risk of counterfeit goods, ensure quality products at an early stage, and gain a more precise overview of current inventory.

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With Orixe Trace and Audit, procurement teams save both time and resources on their processes.
Our smart modules make supplier approval, product verification, and follow ups in case of problems, both quicker and more thorough.

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