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Save time and resources with Orixe

With Orixe, warehousing teams save both time and resources on their processes. Our smart modules makes reception of goods quicker and more thorough, and ensures that all deliveries are verified and correct. By implementing Orixe Trace as part of your warehousing process you can reduce the risk of counterfeit goods, ensure quality products at an early stage, and gain a more precise overview of current inventory.
A picture of the chain history in the orixe platform.

Authentic goods and correct documentation

Orixe Trace helps you make sure that the products you receive are genuine, and that they have real and verifiable documentation. During procurement, you can easily export order details from your ERP-system into Orixe. All order and transaction details form the supplier are then stored on the Orixe Blockchain, to ensure that information cannot be changed after-the-fact. When the supplier ships the order, they can attach the Certificate of Compliance and other product certificates as electronically in Orixe.

Suppliers can make changes to order details if this is required, but you will always have to accept any changes made before the order is finalised. Orixe will keep a complete log of changes made. When the order is received, you can easily compare with the data stored in Orixe, to ensure compliance, and that certification is correct. This provides an effective insurance against counterfeits and subpar goods. And the best part is that it is  as easy as clicking one button to export the order from the ERP-system, and scanning a QR code when receiving to verify compliance.

Easy workflow

When implementing Orixe Trace, warehousing simply needs to scan a bar code or QR code generated by Orixe which is attached to the shipment. By doing so they can see the Trace overview of product details, in order to verify the received goods and approve them. Additionally, product information can also be found by searching up the shipment or product ID in the Orixe Trace module.

Due diligence? Orixe can help!

The Orixe platform is built to support the supply chain due diligence processes which are becoming mandatory across Europe and the U.S. We have designed tools which support procurement and cooperation across divisions, to ensure that risk identification, assessment, and mitigation is easy and streamlined.

Flag problematic goods early

Orixe Trace gives you greater control of the shipments and transactions in your supply chain, making it more difficult for suppliers to send counterfeit or sub-par goods. Yet, if problems do occur, the Trace verification on the warehousing level makes it easier to flag problematic goods early in the process. This makes it a lot less likely that these will find their way into the products you sell to your buyers, which can save you large rectification costs.
Overview of chain history section from Orixe Trace.

Our users

It is quite easy to use. Especially with the button that you can use to just move from Navision to Orixe.
- Kristoff, Warehousing

Smooth implementation

We have worked to make sure that integrating Orixe into your workflows is as simple as possible. The platform makes use of standard APIs, which makes it easy to connect it and allow it to communicate with most ERP-systems. We’ve focused on changing as little as possible in the workflow for warehousing employees, and the only thing that is required is that goods are scanned, or manually registered, in Orixe Trace upon delivery. We will support you along the way, to ensure that implementation is as effective as possible.

Strengthening procurement

With Orixe Trace, order details, certificates, and transaction information is registered securely and safely. This gives you access to all the data you need in order to set demands and check that they are being followed. And with out smart auditing forms, supplier approval is a breeze!

A form with assessed and not assessed suppliers, a audit request button and team overview.
Notice counterfeit goods early
Free for suppliers
Overview of all transactions and inventory
Ensure compliance with quality demands, even at the warehousing level
Log every part of the supply chain
Only source from approved suppliers

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