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Secure data with

Our blockchain technology is a hybrid cloud solution that combines blockchain with the scalability and ease-of-use of a classic database. This ensures that the Orixe blockchain has low energy consumption while maintaining high efficiency.

This is how blockchain works

A traditional blockchain is a form of distributed data storage. Here, information is stored as an independent block, before being distributed to all the individual users of a network. These blocks of information are then tied together through unique mathematical numbers. The effect is that the newest block is always verified by the number relating to the block before it. In this way a chain of blocks are created, or a blockchain. New blocks always receive new unique mathematical numbers, that link them to former ones. This has many impacts on data security. Notably, new blocks are hard to fake, as they must be verified by all the former blocks in the network. Tampering becomes impossible, as making edits to a block could invalidate all blocks after it. This ensures that the data is immutable.

Orixe secures business sensitive data

We use our blockchain technology in order to allow users to track and verify information, but this does not mean that everyone has access to everything. Our blockchain stores encrypted data, and only users which the data concerns have the opportunity to view it. Users who have chosen to sharing information through a transaction or audit can view the data they have chosen to share. In this way, we can ensure that no third-party gains access to your data. Additionally, when a transaction in the supply chain is tracked through the blockchain we only allow specific data to be viewable in all steps of the chain - in order to safeguard business sensitive data. Thus, you might be able to ensure proper treatment of a product, it's relevant certificates, and country of origin, but you would not necessarily be able to view exactly who your sub-suppliers are. The data that is shown in all steps is customisable, and can be tailored to the specific needs of certain supply chains.

Overview of chain history section from Orixe Trace.

This is how our blockchain looks in action

Blockchain illustration

Orixe Support

Our users can always access guidance and support from us. We do our best to ensure smooth operation for all our users, and to keep downtime to a minimum - so that the platform always is available in business critical moments.

Easy integration

We use REST API to ensure that we can integrate our solution with most modern ERP-systems. This allows us to create connection that, for example, exports order details directly from an ERP-system and sends it to the Orixe Trace Module at the push of one button. By using REST API we also have the opportunity to connect the platform to other types of systems aside from ERP, so that there are multiple and flexible possibilities for integrating Orixe into your business and your processes.

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