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How to get started

It is easy to get started using the Orixe platform for both you and your suppliers. The solution is cloud-based, and all you need to get started is an Orixe user account. At start-up, we have a short and concise onboarding program where you get the introduction you and your team need. You also have access to our help pages and the opportunity to call or email our customer team.
Welcome to Orixe!


Consultation and mapping of needs

How can Orixe most effectively assist your company in securing your supply chain? Building a relationship isimportant to us and helps us ensure that the modules will match your needs andestablished routines.


Client setup and training of key users

Our team will ensure that youremployees have the expertise and know-how they need to effectively make use ofthe Orixe service, or services, you need.


Testing and ERP-integration

Our team will assist in seamlesslyintegrating our software with your current business systems and processes.

What do you receive?

The benefits of adopting our services are many. Not only will your company benefit financially, on quality and efficiency, but also in taking social responsibility and proving that to the public.

Top innovation

Cutting-edge blockchain technology


Our technology ensures 100% data integrity and security

Reduced costs

Reduce costs associated with auditing suppliers and proving authenticity of products


Document, prove and ensure responsibility in transactions

Reduced risk

Reduce the risk of getting counterfeit parts into your production line or product portfolio

Our support

We are here to support and assist!

Be a part of the solution  – secure your supply chain against unethical behavior

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