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Trace your components

Orixe Trace helps you create a transparent supply chain, by allowing you to continually track components and products. Providing an overview of component details, original documentation, and transaction information, Trace ensures that you always use products and components that fulfill the highest requirements and standards.

Overview of chain history section from Orixe Trace.

Make sure your customers get the quality goods they ask for.
Prove authenticity of product and traceability of components.

Full overview of product details

Always know where your components or products are coming from, and that they have trustworthy certifications.

Overview of chain history section from Orixe Trace.

Insurance against counterfeit parts

Through effective and transparent tracking of a components journey, counterfeit parts are much less likely to enter your journey.

Ensure accountability

If liabilities enter your supply chain, Trace gives you a powerful proof that your supplier has not delivered upon agreed requirements.

Blockchain illustration
Lower losses from counterfeit goods.
Reduce risk of
unethical behavior
Transparency with
the public
Meet regulatory requirements
Find supply chain

Our blockchain technology ensures 100% data integrity

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