We offer powerful tools for the compliance process

Our SaaS platform provides you with critical functionality that supports your work with ESG frameworks and legislation. The platform is built based on an annual management and reporting cycle, that aligns with multiple different frameworks and laws. The workflow provided by the tools is structured to help you work in accordance with the Due Diligence guidelines when mitigating risks and reporting on ESG targets and measures.

We at Orixe have broken this annual process into 6 steps, which are covered and supported by functionality on the Orixe platform. We also provide workshops and advisory assistance throughout the entire process.

Orixe provides an intuitive overview of risks

The due diligence process is a central tool to help businesses maintain the sustainable development goals, because it requires companies to assess risks throughout their entire supply chain. Orixe Due Diligence gives you access to tools for risk identification, digitalising and automating some of this work, in line with the OECD recommendations. You can view the risk of breaches in to labour rights and human rights, or environmental issues, in your supply chain by looking at how well your suppliers score on maintaining the UN Global Compact Principles for corporate responsibility. You can also view results as a smart map view, which weighs suppliers scores for risk indicators based on geographical location, etc. This risk overview provides you with the best possible starting point for conducting due diligence in your supply chain.

Orixe at a glance:

Creates digitale solutions using innovative new technology which provides companies with a better overview and control of the supply chain

The software for Due Diligence is modeled on an annual reporting process that is based on the OECD Guidelines for Corporate Due Diligence

Offers three different software-bundles for Due Diligence, with different combinations of digital tools and consulting

The solution has been created in cooperation with quality- and procurement managers in order to save time, resources, and reduce risk in the supply chain

Orixe Due Diligence

We offer a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service solution, which gives you access to all the tools you need in one simple platform - directly in your browser. The functionality provides you with everything you need in one place in order to have an effective due diligence process. Identify, risks, prioritize the most important ones with digital risk matrixes, develop action plans for mitigation, follow up with suppliers, and coordinate with your team members. A summary of your work, critical risks and mitigating actions, can easily be downloaded as a PDF for publishing on web or with your annual reports.


Score your ESG-maturity!

With Orixe Due Diligence you can measure your ESG-maturity level based on the UN Global Compact principles for corporate responsibility, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. You can also view your suppliers scores, and the average for their entire supply chain. This provides you with critical risk indications, and can be used as part of your reporting and risk assessments on sustainability.


Our vision: A sustainable future

Orixe began in 2018 as a respons to a situation where a Norwegian company noticed that a long-time supplier of electrical components had delivered goods with false certificates of origin. The costs of fixing the problems this led to were so high, both for the company and the clients they delivered products to, that the CEO decided something had to be done.

After much discussion about the opportunities for developing a better system for controlling and verifying products in the supply chain, Gunilla F. Grimsgaard decided to found Orixe in order to solve the problems which many supply chains need to tackle today.

We believe that by applying innovative new technology to ensure ethical and environmental responsibility throughout supply chains, we can create a better future for everyone!

We help you getting started

Unsure where to begin with ESG reporting and due diligence processes? Orixe provides expert advise, consulting, and support, in order to help you get started - either with or without our smart digital tools.


Orixe provides full traceability

The Orixe platform can also offer full supply chain traceability. With our innovative and energy-effective blockchain technology, we can track transactions throughout every step in the supply chain. This ensures that you always have control over order details, country of origin, and product certificates, all in one place. With full traceability, mitigating risks in the supply chain becomes easier, as you have greater insight into what happens in distant parts of the chain.


Digital audits

Orixe Due Diligence allows you to sendt out digital audits. The auditing forms can be customized to specific situations or suppliers, or you can easily create more general forms to send out to multiple suppliers all at once. Our solution allows you to demand information such as pictures, videos, certificates, results from third-part audits, and so forth, and ensures that these data are all stored in on accessible place. This makes it easy to implement mitigating measures, and follow up on the results.


Our users

I use audit to make sure that all of our suppliers are up to quality standards and to make sure we only use approved suppliers. It’s less time consuming for both parties.
- Kristoffer, Logistics
You can always fake a piece of paper, but this blockchain technology makes sure that this is more difficult to fake. And its also more visible throughout the supply chain. It would be more difficult to fool us now than it was a while back.
- Julie, Quality Assurance Manager
It is quite easy to use. Especially with the button that you can use to just move from Navision to Orixe.
- Kristoff, Warehousing

Choose the solution which fits your needs!

Due Diligence Digital

  • Digital risk overview

  • Risk matrix tool

  • Action plan functionality

  • PDF reporting

  • 45 minute start-up meeting

Due Diligence Digital +

  • Digital risk overview

  • Risk matrix tool

  • Action plan functionality

  • PDF reporting

  • 45 minute start-up meeting

  • Digital supplier auditing and follow up tool

  • 10 support and consulting hours

Due Diligence Total

  • Digital risk overview

  • Risk matrix tool

  • Action plan functionality

  • PDF reporting

  • 45 minute start-up meeting

  • Digital supplier auditing and follow up tool

  • Full guidance on how to update policy, assess risks, follow up risks in the supply chain, and reporting

  • Support and consulting included

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Data security - built on blockchain technology

The Orixe blockchain ensures that your data are secure and immutable. They can always be verified without jeopardising privacy or business sensitive information.


Orixe is creating sustainable supply chains

Orixe provides a SaaS platform with functionalities that support corporate due diligence processes and ESG compliance. We have modeled our software on an annual reporting process, in order to align with most ESG reporting requirements.

At Orixe, we have divided the process into 6 main steps, which we support with tools and digital solutions. We also offer workshops and personal consulting throughout the entire process.


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