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Efficient communication and approval

From your supplier's point of view, the Orixe platform provides benefits both in the form of more efficient communication with buyers, and quicker approval processes. We provide your suppliers with free access to the functionalities they need in order to ensure that you gain the value you need from Orixe. This includes access to answering digital audits, and providing information for the Orixe Sustainability module. When you implement the Orixe platform in your business, supplier approval is simplified, saving your supplier's time.

Smart audits

Orixe Audit is a tool allowing you to create smart digital audits. This can be used for things such as supplier approval, or off-site audits. To make this as efficient and simple as possible for suppliers, we have made it possible to set criteria so that specific questions are shown or hidden based on the answers the suppliers are giving to the audit. This makes auditing more effective, as it keeps the questions suppliers need to answer to a minimum. For example, if a supplier states that they are ISO45001 compliant, and upload a certification for this as an attachment, then you might not need to ask many questions about health and safety processes. This helps streamline the auditing process.

Easy ERP-integration

Orixe Trace requires you or your supplier to register data about a good, component, or product, that is part of a transaction. By using open API-keys, we are able to smoothly integrate the Orixe platform with most ERP-systems, which makes this registration as simple as clicking a button to import the information into Orixe. This registers all necessary information, exporting it from your ERP and importing it to Orixe, reducing any need for double work. It also helps ensure that your suppliers will not need to use any more time than they usually do if you implement Orixe Trace in your supply chain.

Simple supplier sign up

It couldn't be easier to get your suppliers to use Orixe. The only thing you need to do is send them an invitation on e-mail with a link generated by Orixe. When you wish to send out an audit, or register a new transaction in Trace, you can simply click on a button which generates this invitation link. You simply send it to your supplier, who only needs to register their e-mail and name to get started. As long as they use the link you sent them, they will be automatically sent the audit you where going to send, or connected to the proper transaction.

Hide sensitive information

The information stores in Orixe Trace follows the transaction throughout the supply chain, from the point of registration. Business sensitive information is hidden, but when you receive a transaction you can always track where the shipment has been, it's country of origin, batch number, and any other information you might need. This ensures that you are always able to verify relevant information from your suppliers, but at the same time keeps both your own and your suppliers business sensitive data hidden, maintaining privacy.
Overview of chain history section from Orixe Trace.

Our users

I use audit to make sure that all of our suppliers are up to quality standards and to make sure we only use approved suppliers. It’s less time consuming for both parties.
- Kristoffer, Logistics
You can always fake a piece of paper, but this blockchain technology makes sure that this is more difficult to fake. And its also more visible throughout the supply chain. It would be more difficult to fool us now than it was a while back.
- Julie, Quality assurance manager
It is quite easy to use. Especially with the button that you can use to just move from Navision to Orixe.
- Kristoff, Warehousing
Illustration of Audit module elements like request edit, buttons for approving, conditionally approve or deny audits and a notification.

Supplier's approval is quicker with Orixe

Orixe Audit makes it easy to approve and pre-approve new suppliers. By making a digital audit form for supplier's approval, you will always have a template ready to be sent out with only a few clicks. The form can be registered with an expiry date, so that you always stay on top of when suppliers might need to be reapproved. This digital workflow makes the process quicker, both for you and your supplier.
Always know where your products originate
Free for suppliers
All certificates stored in one location
Ensure that your suppliers comply with your quality demands
Log every part of the supply chain
Only source from approved suppliers

Data security - backed by blockchain technology

The Orixe blockchain makes sure that your data is secure and transparent without compromising data privacy.

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