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This is how you make quality assurance easier

By using Orixe Sustainability and Orixe Audit! These modules provide effective tools for quality assurance managers, making quality control both more thorough and quicker. The Orixe software-modules ensures that you always have a complete overview, rapid risk identification processes, and effective methods for following-up with mitigating measures.

An early warning system

The Orixe modules gives you a complete overview of supplier status, product details, and whether or not suppliers uphold the UN Global Compact principles. This allows you to uncover problems, risks, and deviations, and anticipate problems. For example, if suppliers change the material components of a product that they are delivering, you can easily and quickly follow-up with an Audit in order to approve a new production process or the process of handling and sourcing these specific raw materials. Orixe

Sustainability allows you to ensure that suppliers have acceptable routines in order to maintain proper working conditions, training, and basic human rights. You can also gain a clearer overview of which suppliers often deliver wrong or problematic goods, have delayed deliveries, or production problems, in order to make quick assessments about mitigating issues. With Orixe Trace you will be able to verify the country of origin of your supplies, to ensure that you always know where the goods you are buying are originating from.

Orixe helps you more effectively follow-up with suppliers

Orixe Audit is our tool for simpler, digital, supplier audits. In the proficient hands of the quality manager, this is a powerful tool for following-up with suppliers and helping them improve. The smart auditing forms can easily be customised to a specific situation or supplier, or you can create more general standard audits to send to multiple suppliers at once. Not only does Audit allow you to ask targeted questions, but you can also have suppliers upload information such as pictures, videos, certificates, results from third-party audits, and so on. The tools also makes it simple for suppliers to respond to audits, as you easily can hide or show follow-up questions based on suppliers responses, this helps make audits as efficient as possible for all parties.

Our users

You can always fake a piece of paper, but this blockchain technology makes sure that this is more difficult to fake. And its also more visible throughout the supply chain. It would be more difficult to fool us now than it was a while back.
- Julie, Quality assurance manager

Orixe provides an overview of certificates

With Orixe Audit, suppliers can easily attach their original certifications in the supplier approval process. This makes ensuring that certifications are valid easier as digital copies are easier to verify than paper-based ones. With Orixe Trace suppliers can also attach electronic copies of Certificate of Compliance, product certifications, or certification of production methods, when they make transactions. This makes it possible to effectively verify the routines and processes of a supplier at any time.

Do you have suppliers who do not comply with agreed upon quality or standards?

Orixe helps you identify what parts of the supply chain which is accountable, so that you can identify which parties are responsible, and where improvements could to be made. With Sustainability and Trace it becomes easy to identify what suppliers, and sub-suppliers, that are accountable for deliveries not adhering to quality demands. Orixe Sustainability and Trace also provide you with reliable indications about whether or not suppliers comply with standards and legislation, such as the Norwegian or German Supply Chain Acts. This makes the assessment of both existing and possible risks and problems a lot more effective. With Audit, it becomes easy to implement mitigating measures with suppliers, in order to improve issues and ensure compliance.

Ensure that the supply chain complies with your ESG demands

Orixe Sustainability allows you to view how well your suppliers comply with the UN Global Compact principles, and UN Sustainable Development Goals. You can view a score of their maturity level across four different categories - Human rights, Labour rights, Environment, and Anti-Corruption - in order to identify in which areas it might be relevant to implement mitigating measure, or take actions to help suppliers improve. You can also view the scores in a list, as a total sum, or in a smart map view, where suppliers scores are weighted with geographical data and indexes such as corruption levels, number of people in forced labour, and so on.

Always have an overview of supplier's certificates
Free for suppliers
Total overview of your supply chain
Ensure that all products comply with your quality demands
Gain an insight into your supplier's ESG-profiles
Only work with approved suppliers

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