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1: Click on the Trace module at the Orixe dashboard

  • On the Orixe dashboard, click the Trace icon.

2: Creating transaction

  • The top menu in the Trace module shows the following functions: Sender, Receiver, Search and Internal Comments
  • To send a transaction, click the “Sender” function
  • The sender site will appear. Click on the New transaction” button

3: Adding a transaction

  • Choose the recipient by pressing the “Select from address book” button.
  • Fill out the fields.  
  • Click the “Add transaction” button in the bottom.
  • The “*” symbol means that the field is required in order to send the transaction.

4: Receiving a transaction

  • To view the received transactions, click the “Receiver” function in the top menu.  
  • The receiver site will show. Click on the number under the “Transaction ID” of the current transaction.  
  • All received transactions will appear in the top menu to the far right in the “notifications bell” symbol and as a notification in the dashboard.
  • There are several options available for the receiver.
  • Either Confirm, Request Edit or Reject transaction.
  • View chain history by clicking the “View Chain History” button, or write a comment unviewable for the sender by clicking “Internal Comments”.

5: Example: Add transaction

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