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Do you need to quickly approve new suppliers?


Save time and resources with Orixe

With Orixe Trace and Audit, procurement teams save both time and resources on their processes. Our smart modules make supplier approval, product verification, and follow ups in case of problems, both quicker and more thorough.
A picture of the chain history in the orixe platform.

Authentic goods and correct documentation

Orixe Trace helps you make sure that the products you receive are genuine, and that they have real and verifiable documentation. During procurement, you can easily export order details from your ERP-system into Orixe. All order and transaction details form the supplier are then stored on the Orixe Blockchain, to ensure that information cannot be changed after-the-fact. When the supplier ships the order, they can attach the Certificate of Compliance and other product certificates as electronically in Orixe.

Suppliers can make changes to order details if this is required, but you will always have to accept any changes made before the order is finalised. Orixe will keep a complete log of changes made. When the order is received, you can easily compare with the data stored in Orixe, to ensure compliance, and that certification is correct. This provides an effective insurance against counterfeits and subpar goods. And the best part is that it is  as easy as clicking one button to export the order from the ERP-system, and scanning a QR code when receiving to verify compliance.

Be sure that your whole supply chain supports your ESG goals

With complete control over product details in Orixe Trace, and supplier approval in Audit, it is easier to make demands or supplier routines and processes, so that they support your sustainability targets. You can use Trace to ensure that particular materials are kept out of the supply chain, or Audit to approve production methods and emission management.

Due diligence? Orixe can help!

The Orixe platform is built to support the supply chain due diligence processes which are becoming mandatory across Europe and the U.S. We have designed tools which support procurement and cooperation across divisions, to ensure that risk identification, assessment, and mitigation is easy and streamlined.

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Overview of the entire chain

The information which is stored in Orixe Trace follows the order, from the point in the supply chain where the information is registered. This means that in supply chains with multiple tiers, you can track the information as the order moves through the chain. As the information is stored in the blockchain, you can also ensure that no one has changed it after-the-fact.

Business sensitive information is hidden, but you can always track the countries and order has been processed in, the Country of Origin, batch number, and other information that is required. Certificates can also be attached and follow the order throughout the chain, to ensure that they do not need to be printed and scanned multiple times. This makes verification easy.
Overview of chain history section from Orixe Trace.

Our users

I use Audit to make sure that all of our suppliers are up to quality standards and to make sure we only use approved suppliers. It’s less time consuming for both parties.
- Kristoffer, Logistics
It is quite easy to use. Especially with the button that you can use to just move from Navision to Orixe.
- Kristoff, Warehousing
Illustration of Audit module elements like request edit, buttons for approving, conditionally approve or deny audits and a notification.

Supplier approval is quicker with Orixe

Pre-approval of new suppliers is easy with Orixe Audit. By making a digital auditing form for supplier approval, you will have a finished template which can be sent out time and time again with only a few clicks. The form can be assigned an expiration date, so that you always stay on top of when you might need to reapprove a supplier.
When a supplier has answered the questions in your audit form, you can assign a status to them - approved, not approved, or conditionally approved. You can also add comments, so that your team always has full control of supplier status and conditions. Not only does this make the process smoother, and avoids unnecessary mailing back and forth, but it ensures that you have all the information you need readily available in one place, and it gives your team the insight they need to always only use approved suppliers.

Delivery problems? Here's how Orixe can help

When disruptions happen, it might be necessary to quickly approve a new alternative supplier so that you can finalise a product for a customer. In some cases, this can lead to cutting corners when it comes to supplier approval criteria, to ensure prompt delivery. According to a report from Ivalua and Procurions, 32% of procurement teams have done this due to pressure to deliver.
With a clear routine and a set template for approval of suppliers in Orixe Audit, it becomes easier for the procurement team to keep with the criteria that suppliers should comply with, regardless of the situation. The digital work flow makes approval quicker, and reduces the amount of correspondence needed with the supplier.

Make sure that your suppliers are complying with your quality standards

Because order details, supplier approval, and information when receiving goods are registered in Orixe, it becomes easier to follow up with suppliers if products do not meet the agreed terms. If the product you are receiving does not comply with the agreed upon quality standards, it is easy to give proof of what was original agreed upon. By only using approved suppliers, and tracing the journey of your transactions, Audit and Trace makes it easier to ensure the quality of the products you receive.

A form with assessed and not assessed suppliers, a audit request button and team overview.

Traceability with Orixe makes rectification of issues easy

With Orixe Trace you can be sure that your suppliers can effectively trace any errors back, in order to solve any issues with components and parts. Full traceability makes it easy to identify the responsible parts the supply chain, to hold the correct suppliers accountable. With Audit, you can also send out follow up audits to implement mitigations. These can can be tailored to the situation, with specific expiry dates, in order to make the work flow more effective.

Always know where your products originate
Free for suppliers
All certificates stored in one location
Ensure that your suppliers comply with your quality demands
Log every part of the supply chain
Only source from approved suppliers

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